Studies have shown that you can make the most effective and healthy lifestyle changes, with sustainable longterm results when you do it with the support of a friend, a group and with a coach.

Time here is limited. Live your best life and thrive with my guidance. Nutritional consultations can to get to the bottom of your health challenges quickly. My focus is on optimizing your digestive health using a combination of healing and supportive nutrition principles along with proven lifestyle recommendations. I am a passionate proponent of whole food nutrition and I believe that the best medicine is a largely plant-based diet, applied with a my super simple food hacking techniques to unlock the most biological power from your food.



One-On-One Custom Nutrition Consultations - 3 Month Package

Enjoy the fast track to achieve optimum health by staying on track with my help. With my expert guidance you will avoid the common mistakes many people make. Working with me in my private practice you will learn about bringing harmony and balance back to your body. You will be benefit from a highly personalized program where I make everything clear for you with easy step-by-step plans. Working together one-on-one means I will be there to answer all of your questions every step of the way. You will work with me exclusively online from the comfort of your own home. Get results the easiest way working one-on-one with me!

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Click the headings below to reveal the details in this Signature Package...

+ Nutritional Analysis

Improvements and opportunities can be found during this non-invasive discovery session. You ultimately hold the key to your own well being and during this part of my practice I am able to get to know you better. I gather valuable insight about your habits, state of mind, what your concerns are and what goals you have for yourself. From this time together, I can identify where we need to go. Your active and honest participation is key to building a holistic view on your nutritional status.

+ Health History Analysis

As a trained nutritionist, reviewing your medical and family history is valuable information I use to reveal and detect any possible emerging conditions, hereditary susceptibilities, allergies and other sources of nutritional imbalances.

+ Private Telephone/Skype Appointments

Learn the answers to all of your questions during our LIVE bi-weekly sessions where we go over the next step in your program to get your results quickly.

+ Custom Written Follow-up Recommendations

You receive an organized written copy of everything we discussed on our LIVE session so you will have this handy reference at your finger tips until we speak again.

+ Specific Meal Plan Suggestions with Recipes

I provide you with amazing meal ideas that are accompanied with simple to follow recipes because I want this process to easy for you to follow.

+ Supplement Suggestions

I have an immense amount of knowledge around high-quality vitamin supplements, which I can share with you if we agree that additional nutritional support is required.

+ Lifestyle & Fitness recommendations

I offer you an endless supply of ideas to help bring balance to your life through gentle physical and mental exercises to reduce stress and build confidence so you can move quickly towards your goals.

+ Researched Resources Materials

I provide you with access to my library of researched resources I have created to simplify everything we discuss. These tools help you succeed with a deeper understanding of why you are doing what you are doing.

+ Grocery Recommendations & Substitutions

I introduce you to some of my favorite natural grocery and body care products that you can use instead of some of more conventional ones on the market. I also share with you how to use them because no one likes to have a house full of things they don’t use!

+ Grocery Store Tours

Navigate your way through the aisles of your favorite grocery store quickly and with confidence after I personally show you the best products available there and how you can use them. I will also share with you the most cost effective ways to get some goodies in your basket while saving you money every time.

+ In-home Cooking and Un-cooking Classes

Improve your pantry and fridge stock instantly when we go through them together. I show you how to work with what you’ve got and recommend some better substitutions for the items I suggest go to the compost pile. I share my secrets and help make your life easier because I teach you new tricks in the kitchen. Using the kitchen tools and appliances you already own, I share hot tips all day long while we prepare fast and practical meals together. Reach out to me today to book your class.

+ Unconditional Support

At one time or another many of us find ourselves in a state of imbalance and we are lost for ideas. Changing course and realigning yourself in the direction of good health and disease prevention is easy when you have help. You won’t have to find this path alone because I will be working with you every step of the way. I am empathetic and respectful of your experiences and I am here to serve you to the best of my ability. To see if I can help you let’s touch base.

Group Nutrition Coaching - Next session starting soon!

Join a small and exclusive group of people who are eager to improve their health drastically over 4 weeks.  There is power in numbers. Challenge yourself in a supportive environment. This is an opportunity to get all the benefits my Custom Signature Package at an affordable price. I only offer group coaching a few times a year. To add yourself to the list, click the button below now.

Some of the benefits you will experience in this program are...

Custom Signature Nutritional Consultations with Deana Steele Natural Nutritionist
Grocery store gudies and shopping lists with Deana Steele Digestive Health Specialist
  • LIVE Monthly Coaching Sessions where you get specific questions answered
  • Ongoing Support & Guidance with detailed step-by-step instructional workbooks and videos
  • Action Plans & Follow Ups to hold you accountable and keep you on target
  • Private Community Network to connect with people just like you
  • Motivational Updates to help you keep your momentum in the program
  • Meal Plans so you don’t have to think about it
  • Simple to Follow Recipes
  • Shopping Lists to take the aimless wandering out of grocery shopping
  • Healthy Substitutions & Recommendations so you don’t feel deprived
  • Gentle Exercise Plans
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Cooking & Uncooking Video Tutorials where I teach you how to prepare your meals