Fresh green goodness everyday

When summer comes to a close, I always get a little anxious because my supply of fresh greens from the farmer's market is no longer. I find eating fresh greens everyday so energizing and I know they’re full of gut supportive fibre, vitamins and minerals. And just because the local growing season is over, I still want to get all of that goodness, every-single-day!

Weight Management

A diet rich in greens is a huge part of my weight management program. Because they’re so easy to digest, they help the rest of my meal move through my digestive system efficiently, which results in me feeling lighter on my feet and maintaining on the scale.

Their richness in fibre helps me feel fuller so I don’t gorge or try to eat the same amount of food my 6’4” boyfriend eats. Because let's be honest, sometimes I can eat like a non-stop garburator if I don’t bulk up on greens first.

Eat Local

I love to shop at my local farmer's market twice a week. I grab enough supplies to last me the next three or four days because I like my food as freshly picked as possible! I don’t want those vitamins degrading away on a shelf in my fridge if I have the option to replenish in just a few days.

I am very lucky to live in an agriculturally rich area in the Okanagan Valley where we have one of the longest growing season’s in Canada. But at the end of September the food supply at the Kelowna Farmer’s Market tends to shift more to root vegetables, squashes, legumes and grains. Hardier foods that help keep you warm over the winter but make me feel a little slower…in more ways than one.

Now I'm all for eating seasonally. Eating the foods that grow close to home and in the season they grow in, but when it comes to fresh greens I still like to enjoy them as often as possible. But if I can’t find them at my farmer's market or pick them from my garden, I was forced to turn to my grocer’s shelves.

Grocery Greens Are NOT Eco-chic!

Buying heads of lettuce is usually less expensive than buying those pre-washed greens you find in bulky plastic clamshell containers, which I don’t like buying because it’s less eco-chic (aka enviro friendly). But the heads of lettuce usually require more prep time from me and if I get a little lazy the entire head goes to waste because I didn’t wash it! So it wasn't ready to use when I needed it and it shrivels up or gets slimy in my fridge! Like almost every single time! Super wasteful!

Another con about grocery greens is they have likely been shipped across the continent, which then sit on the grocery store shelves for who knows how long. So of course those greens aren't going to be as nutrient dense as the ones that I can get locally and they usually don’t taste as delicious.

Problem Solved

So my solution to my seasonal depletion of fresh greens brought me to sprouting. I've fallen in love with sprouting! I call it micro-gardening because you can grow your own fresh greens at home in the matter of just a few days, using just a dish, seeds and water! Nothing crazy, no mess and an endless supply of crisp crunchy greens all day, every day!


To some people the thought of sprouting might be daunting or you might think you have a black thumb and you kill every plant you lay your hands on. But I'm telling you this is different. It's super easy and nearly foolproof at the fraction of the price of buying them in the grocery store.

Freshness Factor

Some of you are willing to pay the price for convenience and just buy sprouts and hey better to have greens than to not! But I would ask you to consider the freshness factor of home grown greens vs store bought. What could be fresher than growing your own greens?!

Attitude of Gratitude

Learning how to prepare your own foods and the skills that come with cooking, baking, canning, fermenting and sprouting are really important skills to know. Knowing the processes that go into the production of your foods helps you appreciate, respect and value what you are eating, which is a very important part of living a holistic healthy lifestyle in my humble opinion.

Level Up Your Skills & Unlock the True Nutrient Potential

Learning how to sprout is a 'gateway skill’ you need to know. I want to show you how to unlock the true nutrient potential of your food. I have a free video mini-course where you will learn how to grow your own sprouts and all the holistic nutrition education about them.

Learn more from me, right this second by signing up to take my fun, FREE mini-course on How to Sprout. Just click the image button below right now!

Eat, drink & think well,


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