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Preparing meals takes a lot of effort. Just coming up with the ideal of what to make for dinner alone can be enough to make you frustrated. But each night you make sure you have a meal full of veggies with a ration of protein and a small serving of your carbohydrates all on one plate.

Now thinking back do you ever remember feeling like you have a hard, heavy rock in your stomach after you ate? Not really a stomach ache just a heaviness. A slowness.  

Well you might have experienced a little bit of stomach acid neutralization. In the video below I tell you why certain food combinations are really important to  consider when preparing your meals. Click play to watch it now... 


Without proper protein digestion you're really wasting the food, your time prepping it and the money you spent on it, not to forget all the exhausted efforts and resources your body had to use to attempt to break it down.

Protein digestion requires a healthy volume of stomach acid. It's super easy to stimulate the secretion of stomach acid using my 3 of my favorite drink recipes which you can download right now. Click the image button below to get your FREE COPY now.

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Eat, Drink & Think Well,

My 3 favorite drinks to improve your protein digestion at every meal

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