Become the Healthiest & Happiest person you know using my Holistic approach to Nutrition

You intuitively know when something isn't right with your body.

And sometimes it feels like these things are just out of your control.

You have Hypothyroidism, because your mom had it, you have PCOS because...well you just don't know why but it sucks BIG TIME, you found out you're sensitive to gluten even though you don't have any digestive upset from it or you are starting to feel hypersensitive to every food even though you're eating healthier than you ever have before!

You know your health has shifted and it's not feeling quite right so you want to figure this out with a natural and holistic approach.

You to want learn how to interpret what your body is telling you with some proper nutrition education.

Youโ€™re ready to feel super healthy and learn everything there is to know about natural holistic nutrition and food hacking techniques right now!

Knowledge is power. Especially when you finally feel like you know what to try for your unique body. 

One of my gifts in being able to teach things in a very simple and straight forward way.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Educator. I work with people with all sorts of conditions. If you ...

  • are totally over depriving yourself of everything you love to be 'healthy'
  • want more nutrition education to understand what healthy habits you need to try out but you're confused especially after you see other people who eat terribly looking just fine
  • can't figure out how to measure if all your efforts you make are even making a difference in your life
  • and you're totally ready for an educated healthy lifestyle shift

Then let's get the ball rolling! I have a super fun, little mini-course to teach you an awesome little food-hacking technique AND you'll learn all the nutrition education behind the idea. It's quick to go through, fun to watch and it's FREE!  Sign up below to get started today!

Learn a thing or two from me because...

  1. I've got my certificate of Natural Nutrition after graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, which means you can call me an RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist).
  2. I was a Healthcare Consultant for a local health food store where I educated people on thousands of nutritional and dietary supplements that I have been trained on by doctors, Naturopathic physicians and professional herbalists.
  3. I am a trained Certified Coach Practitioner aka Life Coach, so I know how to motivate you to get you to do stuff for yourself.
  4. and my friends often call me Google because they know I'll have an answer for their holistic nutrition health related questions.


Deana Steele RHN, Holistic Nutrition, School Kelowna BC

When I'm not consulting, coaching or creating super educational nutrition programs, you'll find me enjoying the outdoors with my runners, my hikers or on my bike. I spend a lot of time my little Italian cat, Enzo. He's responsible for my typos. I have pictures of him sprinkled on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. And I also really love chasing wine all over the world with my boyfriend. It's a big part of our lives. #balance

Learn more from me, right this second by signing up to take my fun, FREE mini-course. Just click the image button below right meow!

Eat, drink & think well,